Alcohol has no food value.

Alcohol has no food value.

Alcohol has no food value and is limited in its function as a remedial agent. According to Dr. Henry Monroe, All kinds of sugar and fiber, oil, and glutinous substances that man uses as food are mixed together in varying proportions. These are designed to support animal frameworks. Glutinous principles of dietary fiber include albumin and casein for building up, while oil, phosphorus and sugar are used mainly to generate body heat.

It is now clear that alcohol is one or more of these substances. It should contain mainly nitrogen elements in meat, eggs, milk, vegetables and seeds, which can be used to build up animal tissue and repair waste or organic elements such as fat, fiber and sugar. Power evolves.

The uniqueness of these food groups and their relationship to the production of human tissue and the evolving capacity of heat is confirmed by experiments in animals and various scientific, physiological and scientific investigations. And, according to clinical experience, no attempt to exclude classification. Drawing a boundary line to restrict the production of tissue or cell to the whole, to force the product to heat up with normal combustion, and to deny any force. The possibility of exchanging special requests or amid a faulty supply of one species is not really acceptable. This does not invalidate the fact that at least we can use them as specific locations.

Chemists and physiologists are well aware of how these substances are absorbed and how they generate energy when they are taken into the body. With well-defined rules, it is possible to determine whether or not alcohol is a food item. value. Over the years, the medical profession has carefully studied the subject, and in every known experiment and experiment, alcohol has been given, and the result is that it has been excluded from the tissue of consent. Food building. According to Dr. Hunt, “It was just a suggestion that it was never seen and that it could be done. One writer (Hammond) thinks that it might somehow blend with the product. Tissue depletion and ‘under certain circumstances nitrogen causes new tissues to form’. No evidence of organic chemistry or animal chemistry can be found with the isotope of a hypothetical hypothesis.

Dr Richardson says: Alcohol doesn’t contain nitrogen; it does not have any of the qualities of structure-building foods; it is incapable of converting to any of them. According to the mechanic, “Alcohol cannot provide the essentials for the true nourishment of tissues.” “Dr. Hammond, in his Tribune lectures, sometimes advocates for alcoholism, but” cannot show that alcohol is transformed into tissue. ” In his Manual of Wellness, Cameron says: “Alcohol does not contain anything that can nourish any part of the body.” Dr. E. Smith, F.R.S., says, Alcohol is not a real food and prevents it from dissolving.” Says: “It is clear that we must stop drinking alcohol in any way.”

In this case, we are unable to detect any substance or tissue in the tissue, or any combination of physiologists’ experience or any evidence.” It is no wonder that we do not have the persecution of strangers, the prospect or realization of creative power.

Finding nothing in the body that can build up or provide waste, the quality of its heat production should be investigated next.

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