The magic pear tree

The magic pear tree

Many years ago in china,a fruit seller took a cart full of pears to the market place.He bega to shout to get the people’s attention.
Come and buy my fine juicy pear.every single one has been feshly picked.They are all fullofjuice.Have you got a thirst? Buy one of my pears
While he was speaking, people were lookin thirstily at his pears, because it was a very hot day and the pears looked very juicy.A mother bougth apear and give it to her litle daughter.

Honest Girl

The girl took a big bite and the juice arn down her fingers and the sleeve of her dress. When her mother saw her daugter licking her fingers she felt thirsty too, and she bought a pear. Soon everyone was buying pears.Just then a poor old begger man came along. He was very thin and tried.He looked hungrily at the beautiful just then spoke to the fruit seller.

I am hungry and thirsty’ he said, but I haven’t any ae doing very good business. Would you give me one of your pears?perhaps you would let me have asmall one’ or one that has begun to rot’
‘no’ said the fruit seller rudely.why should i feed beger? if you have no money, you cannot have a pear.when the beggar asked again, the fruit seller beame angery. ‘Go away’ he shuoted. you are annoying me. Can’t you see that I ambusy? while i am speaking to you can’t sell any pears ‘Go away’

The old begger was turning sadly away when a young woman boguht tow pears. she gave one to the old begger Have one of mine, she look very tried and thirsty. The old man thanked her and ate the pear leaving only the seeds. then he spoken to all the people in the market place. I am going to plant these seed, he said. A pear tree will grow. I shall pick the pears and given some to all of you.

green plant

A crowd quickly gathered to watch the old begger.He dug a small hole in the ground and put one of the seedsin it Then he covered it with earth and stepped back.Everyone watched. some people had laughed at him while he was planting the seed. the quickly stopped laughing.When they saw a small green plant push up through the earth.

Higher and higher is climbed.Leaves appeared on the plant as it grew taller and taller.While they are watching. it was becoming a largepear tree. soon it was high over their heads.Flowers appeard and then dropped off. then as they were watching, pears began to grow quickly become ripe and ready to eat.they were bigger and juicier than the ones that the fruit seller was selling. the old beggar began to pick the pears.

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